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Monument Hill Self Storage Takes Precautions For All Customer Storage Units

News released from the Monument Hill Self Storage, LLC, informed it’s customers and the community that they would remain open as the community continued to take certain precautions to stay safe during the COVID19 outbreak. The company assured the community that it is taking all necessary safety precautions during this time, and remains open to accommodate customers who are visiting their storage units in order to access their possessions or to help any new customers in need of storage units. Due to the size of the facility itself and the low traffic it receives on and off throughout the day, customers will have more than adequate space to access their storage units without being in close proximity to other visitors on site.

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The company has stated “Our site typically gets only 4-8 visits to the tenant’s storage unit and with a facility over 77,000 sq. ft. there would not be a crowd or people within close proximity”. Considering how massive the storage facility is, customers can find relief in knowing they won’t have to struggle through a crowd or wait in a long line in order to access their belongings or sign up for a new storage unit. 

Monument Hill Self Storage is taking the COVID19 virus seriously, following all the recommendations by the CDC to ensure they minimize the spread of the virus and protect their customers, staff, and the community as a whole.  In fact, the staff is disinfecting the facility around the clock. Each hour, a trained staff member will walk around the facility and disinfect all door handles including both the entry and exit handles, as well as the identification keypads that are used for secure entry. Additionally, they are disinfecting all of the moving carts at the facility. Disinfection also takes place when a customer has entered and left the grounds. In the main office, the counter is approximately five to eight feet for customers, so a careful distance is maintained during transactions or if a customer has a request or concern. 

If you don’t need to access your storage unit, the company is available via phone, or online for payments, questions, and general information. This is done in order to minimize the chances of exposure or the spread of the virus to both customers and facility staff. 

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Currently, Monument Hill Self Storage is leaving its doors open to the public, as they have not received a request to shut down as of yet. The company is committed to keeping its doors open as long as possible in order to accommodate current and new customers who are in need of accessing or storing their possessions. The company is committed to continuing to follow all local, state, and CDC recommendations to keep all the residents in the community safe and to prevent the spread of the virus.

While the doors remain open, the company has made some changes to its hours of operation. The company is providing customers with facility access from the hours of 6 am to 10 pm. For more information on changes to the company’s business hours, or other questions or concerns, you can find the most up-to-date information on their website, or you can contact them directly, via phone. 

About Monument Hills Self Storage

Monument Hill Self Storage has been serving the community for years by offering excellent customer service and support. The company offers storage units that are safe, secure and clean, providing around the clock surveillance and modern security features including cameras that are motion-activated, and PIN-coded gate entry. 

During this challenging time, the storage company remains in compliance with the latest local and state requirements and is following all of the necessary safety requirements to keep its clients, staff, and the community safe, while working around the clock to minimize the spread of the virus through dedicated and consistent sanitizing practices.